Ebook Resale Rights Explained

As the name suggests, ebooks that have Giveaway Rights may be freely handed out to whom ever you wish. At first glance it may seem that there is not much in this aspect of the resale rights model for you as an Internet entrepreneur. Think again though because products in this category can be well used as incentives for email list building or commissioned sales. Usually ebooks with Giveaway Rights do not allow editing or branding.

This type of resale right allows you to resell the ebook and keep the profit. The main restriction here is that you cannot pass the resale rights to your customer. In other words, only you have the right to sell the ebook. Your customer must be an end user who will use the product personally. Typically you are not allowed to edit or brand this type of ebook.

These two classes are not always distinct however. Many Master Resale Rights ebooks cannot be sold without also selling the resale rights. It is more profitable for you if the product you are selling gives you a choice. This way you can sell the ebook to the end user at one price and to the business customer, who stands to profit directly from the transaction, at a higher price. Master Resale Rights ebooks do not normally allow editing or branding.

Using ebook resale rights is a quick way to increase your online income, but the various types and levels of resale rights can be confusing. This article


looks at the four main types of eBook Resale Rights

These restrictions are mostly concerned with the price at which you are allowed to resell the ebook. Many authors do not want their ebook to be given away or sold very cheaply. In practice no one can tell you how much to sell a product for but it is best to respect the wishes of the author. Many authors that do not allow an ebook to be given away do allow the product to bundled with other products or used as a bonus.