Digital Camera Reviews and Ratings De-Mystify the Choices

Digital cameras that can uncomplainingly snap excellent pictures of your little ones frolicking in the waters, or below the surface of your pool but that are also affordable enough for anyone, are somewhat brand new. It wasn’t long ago that anything done under the water was unusual enough that you never thought any individual could do this outside the movies or professional magazines. For a planet in which parents definitely must keep a record of every single angle, each and every minute of their children’s fun-filled lives, the point that cameras do not mix properly with water has been a serious issue.

There’s never been much you could really do with a traditional digital camera at a water recreation area, or on a trip for water skiing. You could always purchase a waterproof camera, however, when are they as fantastic as a normal one? The truth is, it’s usually been quite a costly business encasing a device with moving parts within a waterproof enclosure without increasing weight, and compromising reliability. All you could ever receive from heavy-duty waterproof cameras such as these are washed out, glare-filled photographs that seemed like they had been snapped on an early camera phone. But all of that is in the past right now because inexpensive great digital underwater camera models are all over the place, out of the blue.

A digital underwater camera these days delivers shots that are completely indistinguishable from the product of a typical camera. The cameras are not weightier, and you don’t sacrifice on any features – not one – not even in superb aesthetic shades. In addition, it’s quite easy to find a camcorder that will completely function underwater too. Are you one of those cynics who’ll question exactly what the big deal is – as there are other ways to take underwater photographs? They sell those weighty clear plastic enclosures for your camera of course for instance, but who would like to bring one of those around? Clearly, there are no practical ways to achieve this, unless of course you operate on a movie crew.

Let me run down my personal experience with a digital underwater camera by Lumix, and an underwater camcorder by Panasonic. Let us get to the camera first. The Lumix is referred to as the TS2, it has 14 megapixels, the zoom goes out almost to 5x, and it’s really an inexpensive $300. It is waterproof down to 30 ft. below water and it is a pretty satisfying thing to carry. It is not just waterproof either – you can drop it, leave it out in a dust storm or anything – the additional strong glass, rubber and steel help it to laugh at any kind of brutalizing you are capable of placing its way. The underwater shots are sharp (if not supersharp), and also bright. In terms of its video capabilities, they are beyond belief – you get a dedicated video recorder button and also you receive high definition video together with zoom that’s practical during the shoot. Now that is a first.

But let us proceed to the Panasonic SDR-SW21 camcorder that is a lot more affordable at just $200. It is really tough to bring yourself to dispose of a nice and shiny new camcorder to the sea – but that is what it’s intended for, and when you do test it, you’re rewarded with acceptable level of quality shots, and rock solid performance. I like the way it is small and smooth to look at, and is still built just like a tank. And in an innovative touch, this one floats once you let go of it – you’ll never need to bother about having it slip from your hands and submerge to the ocean floor. The battery life on this model could do a little enhancement though; it shuts down in just 1 hour. This particular digital underwater camera recorder is tiny enough to work as your daily camera as well if you do not mind the lack of the high def. Technology is getting so cutting-edge that we can possibly begin to take some things for granted in life. High picture quality at virtually any and every possible circumstance is actually one of them.